Re: [Harp-L] When harp is your second instrument

Don't be so sure! Your post helped me realize that no matter how crazy I get, I'll have a harmonica playing role model. - Doug H

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I see the chromatic as an apartment building.

I see apartments upstairs (top plate). Notes live across the hall (blow notes). Notes live on MY (mouth) side of the hall. Same for the lower floor (lower plate). The slide is basically stairs. You use it to change floors. I am a mailman. My job is to deliver the mail. I know all the addresses. I learn a tune and then I can picture the route in my mind. All of my instruments were tuned Bb. I use mostly a C and a Bb chromatic. For diatonic, I have a full set of Richters and half a set of smo-joe tuned.

With diatonic I visualize the missing notes as people who are basically homeless. The missing notes that I make are living under the stairs, in the utility closet, the linen closet, the boiler room, the fire extinguisher locker, etc.

I'm sure this won't help you... smo-joe

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