Re: [Harp-L] Learn 6 positions first year

> Should a diatonic (Richter) student be introduced to 6 positions during
>> the first year?
Thanks everyone who contributed to my question.

For 10 years I played a "student" model pedal steel guitar, 3 pedals and 1
knee lever.  When I finally got my "Cadillac" with 7 pedals, 4 knee levers
and a wrist lever, I found I was playing most of the night (in clubs) on
the same two pedals I had learned on for all those years. It took real
commitment to learn some of the old songs utilizing new choices! (And it
was musically worth it.)

Some adult students who have spent time with 1P and 2P are quite troubled
about new breathing patterns required for the other positions. Overall, I
think I'm in favor of starting the younger player with the wider range.

A player of many positions may coincidentally be ineffective, but playing
many positions wouldn't cause ineffectiveness.

Our numbering system may imply that they are graded by difficulty;  that
12P is twelve times harder than 1P. Thankfully, students soon ask about a
minor song and we introduce 3-4-5P right then.

Again, thanks, all.

Robert Hale
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