Re: [Harp-L] Leaving my AFB+ in the bag

Speaking of Lone Wolf, I recently purchased a L. W. Harp Attack. Got to try it on a gig, the other night. It won't dreplace my amp, but it worked fine and travels in a little bag. I mounted it on an old guitar mic holder and attached it to my mic stand at waist level. Great for a blind person, as I could easily make adjustments. I ran it into the band's P.A. Thanks Lone Wolf.

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I've been using the Kinder AFB+ consistently for maybe 3 years now. I recently purchased a Lone Wolf Octave pedal becasue I really liked the sound samples. (Don't be thrown off by the Octave name -- I have a POG that is clearly recoginzable as having various octaves -- the LW Octave pedal creates its sound through the generation of an octave, but to my ear does not sound "merely" or "mostly" like an octave pedal -- the octave somehow, in conjunction with the other properties of the pedal, fattens up the sound in a VERY pleasing way -- to my ears anyway -- and if not overdone.)
Okay back to the point, the LW Octave pedal ALSO has some feedback fighting properties -- to the point that for my last couple of gigs I left the AFB+ in the bag and just used the octave pedal! The octave pedal gave all the feedback fighting I needed (maybe an extra two numbers on the volume -- just to give a very rough idea). That was plenty. I expect the AFB+ fights feedback more -- in the sense that I could turn the volume knob up even higher, but I don't really need that. You might notice that the LW Octave pedal is significantly less expensive than the AFB+. However, I ain't selling my AFB+ yet -- but if it stays in the bag for a year....

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