[Harp-L] the notes don't sound

The buzzing reed could have a burr, or both the buzzing reed and the stuck reed could have moved off center. Or the reeds may be jammed with some sort of debris.

To center the reeds, get a feeler gauge and use the thinnest shim and gently move it along both sides of the reed until each side is an equal distance from the reed plate. You remove a burr the same way, just pressing a little harder (but still gently) and moving it back and forth.`

Moving the feeler gauge blade under the reed gently will also clear any debris. You may or may not have blown out the 8 blow reed, Or, the gap on that reed may need to be opened a little bit. BUT, a reed jammed with debris or that has moved off center can also behave the way you describe. On a blow reed, you may need to take the reed plate off the comb to work on it.


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