RE: [Harp-L] the notes dont sound

You may have dirt inside your harmonica that's fouling up the reeds. That would be the good news. I get severely shouted at for this advice, but, with Special 20s, which are all metal and plastic, you can give them a good rinse through under a stream of tepid water, front and back, followed by a good shake-out and a few sharp taps on the leg to dislodge the water. If that doesn't work, it might be bad news. I'd bet it will work on your buzzing 6-blow reed (assuming you haven't been trying to adjust it yourself), but it could be that you've blown out the 8-blow reed by playing too hard. If it's gone significantly flat, that's a dead giveaway. That being the case, you'd have to replace the reed/reedplate/harp, according to your skill level and what you can get hold of where you live. But a good clean-up is the first step to try. In future, play gently: think huff, or exhale, rather than blow, and play from the diaphragm. Good luck!
> Hi there,
> I have a couple of problems with my harmonica lately. When I blow the 6th hole, it has a buzzing sound. When I blow the 8th hole, it doesn't sound at all. I have to blow very hard in order to get the sound but I think the sound is out of tune or somehow just weird sound. I don't know what is wrong with my Special 20. Just bought it 2 months ago. Btw, I have been trying to get a single note. It's gone well so far but I stuck at the 8th hole. Hope you guys can help me. Looking forward to hearing from y'all.
> Cheers,

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