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I play harmonica and guitar.  I use a pair of Sennheiser  eW100 transmitters with matching EM100 receivers at the Quilter amp. See  This "double-barrelled" system allows me to apply different amounts of reverb and overdrive to each of the instruments.  The harmonica mic on my rack is an AMT HR3 and the guitar signal comes from the pickups in my Taylor electro-acoustic  412CE.

Since I have only this one setup, I could not say what "works best."  I am happy with my system.

The newer Sennheiser wireless gear is very pricey but quite a bit of the older gear that I am using is offered on eBay.

On Mar 4, 2012, at 3:25 PM, Joe Piro wrote:

> Very satisfied owner of the wireless setup offered by
> Gigged with it last night & you won't beat their service. 
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> does anyone know what wireless rigs work best for amplified harp?I have
> built an electric neck rack with a crystal element,similar sounding to an
> Astatic JT30,is it best to run it through a wireless microphone system or
> wireless guitar system,I would think guitar but not sure,anybody?????
> Steev Inglish (formerly Mr.Downchild) 

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