[Harp-L] re: exhibitions vs. competitions

I find this an interesting idea, holding an exhibition instead of a competition.  I think I have that same competitiveness ingrained in me so my mind automatically thinks of "competition" when I try to think of ways to get harp players together to showcase skills.  In fact, I think I would be happier with a night or two of harmonica open mic jams instead of worrying about competing.  

And how do you get people to participate?  I dunno but I hope to figure it out.  I'm living in Toronto now and can find few signs of harmonica life around here, though I know it has to exist amongst these 5 million souls.  I really want to bring together a weekend harmonica festival in the city.  Probably not something that would happen this Summer, but perhaps next year.  I want to invite harmonica players to fill the streets and subway stations during the days (unofficial grass-roots busker fest) and then come together in the evenings for an open mic jam and perhaps a performance by one of the many harmonica talents we have in this awesome city.  The draw would be primarily the evening jam/concert and the opportunity to hang out with other harp players in a city.  Kind of a way to show that the harmonica has a life outside of the blues and bluegrass festivals, too (no offense to the blues or bluegrass festivals... you guys are awesome).  

Thoughts, anyone?

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