Re: [Harp-L] Do you this man ?


Definitely a great musician. If Guillaume is an amator, what I'm :-).
Seriously, he plays with sensitivity and dexterity without falling into the
demonstration. That's what I like about a musician. So you must live in the
west of France to view it. Damage.
I ordered her personal album and one with Mister Joss blues band

Some others video here with his band and alone :      Great song here !

Youtube channel :

2012/3/3 Patrice Rayon <stpat95@xxxxxxxxxxx>

> About Robin Williams who is not known as a good harmonica player like
> Bruce Willis that I appreciate a lot (not only because he is american
> ;)))...), I can not thing about Robin without thinking to "Le cercle des
>  poètes disparus" (The circle of missing poets ?) that his one of the best
> films I have ever seen I believe...
> About the YouTube link of Robin it is very funny :) and not far from
> reality so I can only demand it to be logic (I am just looking around to
> see if I have a camera pointed to me ;)...OOPS ! Gulp ! Aïe!  MY WEBCAM
> !!!). My reaction is perhaps not the general view since the other French on
> HARP-L may not agree with me but I guess that we never finished our
> revolution that we made very few years after the americans (In France come
> and visit the Galery Lafayette has well, very good shop ;)...). We love our
> liberty as well (yes we have the small statue of the big...), in arts as
> well... Arts is for me a way to preserve its own way to think against one
> world unique based on the same recipe of one ingredient ! Small old country
> ;) with moud :) !... I auto sencure myself because I am talkative and
> subject is vast ;) and HARP-L is about music and harmonicas
> Elizabeth, If Guillaume could read I am sure he would appreciate. I like
> him as well. I also see the programs of various festivals around the world,
> and I would really apreciate to come sometime to the SPAH really !!!...
> Sometime the remarks I could make on the forums that if I appreciate the
> blues; it occupies more than 75% of subjects and artists when there is
> classical, jazz, Pop, Rock, Soul, Rap,  etc...
> Today I was thinking about a subject of last week "The harmonicas
> contests": That is for me more often something to opposite the Harmonica
> players more than keeping a spirit of communion in music...of sharing,
> learning from each others with all the rich attitudes. And despite of that,
> I love going to Trossingen and see the Harmonica World championship for all
> the great players, when I can. If Harmonica contest could only be for
> everyone a way to define some point to reach, to learn again, improve
> oneself and never see the other has the concurrent (to eliminate ?) then
> perhaps just at this time I would wake up and realize that I was just
> sleeping :) ...
> About Winslow Yerxa :For me the book he wrote about the harmonica,
> translated after in French (with some adaptation for Europe scene) by
> Jean-Jacques Milteau...This book is the very best I know about harmonica :)
> ... I never went to SPAH, but one day I come, so I am not a member so I can
> not vote...But anyway sounded to me as a good surprise.
> Patrice

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