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Merci, Patrice for the information. My poor grasp of le francais  wasn't 
sufficient for me to tell if his first name was Guillaume,  or if his name was 
actually just like this well-known American Comedian/actor: 
(PLEASE don't ANYONE watch this clip if even remotely offended by  
off-colour language):

hahaha. (Robin Williams likewise makes fun of Scotsmen - in his 'the  
origins of Golf' clip (filmed during the same show) which, as  a Scot, I 
personally find very funny).
I can only add that over here someone with several CD's out and who  
performs onstage with a band at Giullaume Robin's level would likely  be 
considered Professional and not an amateur.
NICE player.
What I think SPAH and the other conventions, as well as having internet  
access have opened our musical eyes and ears up to, is precisely what  you 
talk about here - getting to enjoy and appreciate other musicians from  around 
the Globe. At the most recent Garden State Harmonica Festival one of the  
biggest hits who left everyone reeling due to his amazing playing style was  
Vitali Imereli - a BRILLIANT jazz violinist who floored us with his  Saturday 
night 'gypsy jazz' performance (a la Grappelli). We have our own 'gypsy  
jazz' harmonica player on this list - David Naiditch. I'd have loved to see 
and  get David's reaction to Vitali on that particular night.
We'd never have been exposed to someone like Vitali in the normal  course 
of events but he was brought to the Convention by his friend Enrico  Granafei 
and because Val Redler and Phil Caltabellotta were so open  to different 
musicians as well. Vitali played onstage with Enrico, Bucky  Pizzarelli and 
Jerry Bruno. Such fun. I hope this style of  international evenings of sharing 
music continues. It can make an evening of  harmonica that much more 
exciting - depending upon the caliber of the musicians,  of course. (Just a couple 
of years ago SPAH hosted Koei Tanaka (also a jazz  harmonicist) whom I 
thought was terrific. He was backed by some West Coast  musicians from Tower of 
Power. It was exciting and fun. Again - someone new to  us and different.)
For those interested: here is Vitali playing Sweet Georgia Brown with Bucky 
 Pizzarelli and Jerry Bruno again. Unfortunately Enrico isn't sitting in 
this  time although I did record that performance at the GSH Festival. I will 
have  Danny G get it up on YouTube one of these days. They're playing with 
Olli  Soikkeli in this clip  - and at Enrico's own Trumpets' Jazz Club in  
New Jersey, so it's all 'connected'.
Don't forget to vote! Winslow Yerxa for President of SPAH!
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Date: Sat, 3 Mar 2012 07:54:07 +0000
From: Patrice Rayon  <stpat95@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: RE: [Harp-L] Do you this man ?
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Hello Jerry  :)

Like Elizabeth just answered, I confirm that this Harmonica player is  a 
French harp player from Cholet (West of France: Pays de la Loire) in  France.

His Family name is Robin, his first name Guillaume.
As you may  have seen on the video his website is  
Google translator if you don't read French :

His band :

Perhaps he is not very well known out of  France, but here (France) he is 
known as a good harmonica player (amator...but  could be his profession).

Its always a good surprise to see that  harmonica players of others 
countries are curious to discover the "family" out  of their boundaries :) !... 
Also because for me, music has no boundaries, and  harmonica spirit perhaps 
confirm it more again. 

For those who understand  French (some of you may come for visit, hollidays 
:) ; can be useful to get use  to the teRRRRRific french accent...), here 
is an interview in French of  Guillaume bu a French T.V:

My  friend Shaun Monument-May in UK/London made a page for him on his blog:

Patrice  Rayon 

> From: jerry  harpman654 <harpman654@xxxxxxxxx>
> Hi,
> Do you  known this man ? French player ?
> Great solo :
>  Jerry


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