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I really enjoyed your playing on Miles 'All Blues' and I enjoyed backing you and Jay Gaunt on Piano last fall in the Lobby at The Garden State Convention...I wouldn't pay much attention to the armchair theoreticians or self proclaimed Blues Mavens round here,-)
we all learn from trying things out and following our own certainly are on the right track.

In Fact YOU played the Melody correct.....someone posted Al Price's version of the tune where he plays the Melody on Chromatic and the Solos on Diatonic.....

The problem is he is not playing the correct Melody Notes on the HEAD of Miles' ALL BLUES
He is playing G, B G, B as the leading notes...the correct melody is D, B...D, B.....but he does a nice job regardless...but it's important to get that melody right as you did Sam....Bravo and keep up the good work...

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Haha yea sorry for the confusion Venky, "All Blues" is the name of the
song. It's usually played with much more "jazz vocabulary" than even I did.


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Sam -
The title should be- "Anything but blues"; there's some degree of
confusion between the influences if I may add- Howard Levy style and
others. If I had to take away all of your overblowing/ position playing
techniques (which you are good at) from the show, the blues rendition is
just aweful. And I don't understand the need for that extra playing- it
affects the outcome of your product in a negative way. In this regard, Todd
Parrot and TJ Klay stand out as impressive players.

Also, listen to what Carlos del Junco has to offer and take it from there.


On Tue, Jul 24, 2012 at 7:25 PM, Sam Friedman <sammyasher@xxxxxxxxx>wrote:

Hey all,

Here's a recent video of my trio playing All Blues. Unfortunately the
sound quality isn't great, so I recommend/encourage you to listen with
speakers or headphones to be able to hear the bass well. Let me know what
you think!


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