[Harp-L] RE: Hohner Harmonica Discount - Just a Few Left!

Thanks once again for the wonderful response to the odd lot of Hohners I
picked up.  

Please contact me off-list -- I have just 4 harmonicas left -- They are
all brand-new, but are in less-than-desirable keys, and are once again
discounted accordingly.  I figure a brand-new Hohner Bb has got to be
worth $15 to somebody, and the E's are all marked down to $10 -- c'mon,
complete your set!

I can ship up to 4 harmonicas anywhere inside the US for $5.35.  These
are the last four harmonicas! If you buy all four of them, I will ship
them ANYHERE INSIDE THE US FOR FREE!  All shipping is USPS Priority
Flat-Rate Package inside the USA. International shipping can be arranged
at cost.

Model         Key    Price    Description
Blues Harp    Bb     $15.00   NOS w/threaded nails
Blues Harp    E      $10.00   MS-Modular w/screws
Marine Band   E      $10.00   NOS w/threaded nails
Special 20    E      $10.00   Plastic comb w/screws

Thanks & Best Regards,
Pat Powers

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