[Harp-L] Hohner Harmonica Discount - Just a Few Left!

Thanks again, to all of you, for the wonderful response to the lot of
Hohners I picked up.  I have just a few of them left, in
"not-so-popular" keys, they are discounted accordingly.  

Please contact me off-list.  I can ship up to 4 harmonicas inside the
USA for $5.35.  --> If you buy all 7 of them, I'll ship them anywhere
inside the USA for FREE!  International shipping can be arranged at
cost.  All shipping is USPS Priority Package.

Model         Key     Price     Description
Blues Harp     B     $15.00     NOS w/threaded nails
Blues Harp     Bb    $15.00     NOS w/threaded nails
Blues Harp     E     $20.00     MS-Modular w/screws
Golden Melody  E     $20.00     Plastic comb w/screws
Marine Band    E     $15.00     NOS w/threaded nails
Special 20     Dd    $20.00     Plastic comb w/screws
Special 20     E     $20.00     Plastic comb w/screws

Thanks & Best Regards,
Pat Powers

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