[Harp-L] Organ Sounds on Harmonica (on the cheap)

I know this is a popular topic about once a year.  I came upon the
Behringer US600 pedal a couple of years ago and ended up not keeping it (I
wanted to insert it on the wet side of a delay to have pitch shifted
delays, but gave up on the idea).  It tracks very well and can be had new
for $50 (it is not a POG, though!).  This can be combined with a Line 6
Roto Machine (which I also had and sold when I moved to the M series
effects from Line 6), which is $60 new.  So, for $110, you can have some
solid organ sounds.  A Micro POG paired with a DLS Rotary pedal (well,
there are a bunch of great rotary pedals in the $200-500 range) would sound
better, but it is what it is.



Roto Machine effect (but on the M13)


Personally, I prefer just playing octaves/chords into a rotary effect, but
it maybe isn't as organ-y as it could be?

I am swamped right now, but will try to create some sound clips soon...
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