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I did not want to chime in here but, I think repartee was not started based on tone or weather someone can or can't play. There is much more to it. Rhythm,chops and an overall knowledge about what you are doing.  Some of the best advice or direction I ever received was based in criticism. As a professional harp player I would think it good that a standard is set. Not everyone is a great or not even a good harp player so a great dis service is done by placating people.This goes on far too often, in my opinion.
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Maurice Nazzaro

On Jul 17, 2012, at 4:20 PM, funharp <funharp@xxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi,
> I totally agree with Richard Hunter:
>> In any case, I've heard a lot of complaints about harp players doing
>> high-profile gigs, the general tone of which is usually something
>> like "he didn't play the gig the way Little Walter would have."  I'm
>> glad to see a harp player up front, even if he doesn't play the gig
>> the way I (or anybody else) would.  More harp players up front
>> eventually translates to more gigs for harp players, which I'm all in
>> favor of.
> I have played harp in a four piece alternative rock band, as a full band member, not only as a guest for a few songs. We had vocals+bass, guitar, drums and harp. Most of the songs we played were originals. My experience:
> 1. I got a lot of positive feedback from the audience - from those who had nothing to do with harmonica and / or blues
> 2. I got a lot of negative feedback from (blues-)harp players, only a few of them were seriously interested,while the vast majority made comments like the one Richard mentioned, up to comments like "You don`t know how to play the harp..."
> Otto

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