Re: [Harp-L] Quicksilver Special 20's for Sale

Only the B and F# are left, thanks.

On Friday, July 13, 2012 3:09:13 PM UTC-5, Mike Fugazzi wrote:
> I have brand new Special 20's in Ab, B, F#, Db and Eb. I'd really like to 
> unload them before SPAH. They will be set up for traditional players with 
> the 6 overblow readily available. 
> The reed profiles and gapping will be the exact same as if I were working 
> on a $200 harp, and they will be tuned to stock Hohner compromise via a 
> strobe tuner. All the bends will perform excellently. 
> I am willing to do any retuning or repairs for the price of return 
> shipping 
> for the first 12 months. Due to my current work load and wanting to get as 
> much out before SPAH as possible, I cannot offer these as full overbend 
> set-ups, or with other typical options. 
> $75 shipped per harp...$70 each if you order two or more. They will ship 
> before SPAH. 
> Thanks! 
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