Re: [Harp-L] Rhythm Harp (Sonny Terry & Peg Leg Sam)

JC Burris is also a great rhythm player as is Joe Filisko.

I spent an hour a day for a year studying Madcat's DVD with a metronome.  I
never got as fast as Madcat but I started created my own rhythms that were
clearly influenced by his work.  This is in addition to my own personal
rhythm search which I agree is important.

Personally I do not like most rhythm harp but as a studio musician I am
constantly asked to do some chugging. So I studied it because that is my
responsibility as a studio musician. Although the DVD has been lent and
lost over the years so I do not know the names of the rhythms, I find 2 of
Madcat rhythms to be very useful.  One of the other always gets the "THAT'S
IT!" from the producer.
Michael Rubin

On Fri, Jul 13, 2012 at 10:18 AM, W B <wbharptime2@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I got my base rhythm chops from listening to these two guys a lot
> early on in my journey:  Sonny Terry & Peg Leg Sam. I played along
> with those records over and over again. As time moved forward I
> learned about the Madcat's and other masters of the rhythm harp.
> Madcat transcends so many boundaries rhythmically but I did notice
> early on that both Sonny Terry and Peg Leg each had a "signature
> chord/rhythm". That was the base from which everything else blossomed
> from.  My goal early on was not to copy these guys stuff but to figure
> out my own "signature rhythm" as my base. This has served me well in
> playing/improvising with many different genres of music over the
> years.
> WBee

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