Re: [Harp-L] Rhythm Harp (Sonny Terry & Peg Leg Sam)

I got my base rhythm chops from listening to these two guys a lot
early on in my journey:  Sonny Terry & Peg Leg Sam. I played along
with those records over and over again. As time moved forward I
learned about the Madcat's and other masters of the rhythm harp.
Madcat transcends so many boundaries rhythmically but I did notice
early on that both Sonny Terry and Peg Leg each had a "signature
chord/rhythm". That was the base from which everything else blossomed
from.  My goal early on was not to copy these guys stuff but to figure
out my own "signature rhythm" as my base. This has served me well in
playing/improvising with many different genres of music over the


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