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The MS Series was already well established in 1993. I visited Trossingen that year and, and my (now) former wife went through the factory tour and observed the MS harp production line. I remember discussing her observations with Steve Baker at the time.

In 1995 the heavily-criticized reed design of the MS harps was revamped, going with longer slot reeds and a much-trumpeted return to the ZA5 brass used in former times. I still have several of these harps and they have a sound that, compared with the Marine Band-Special 20-Golden Melody harps (formerly called "handmade", now marketed as "classic"), is more robust but less susceptible to delicately nuanced playing.

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Hello, bad-hat (fjm).

This is in regards to your questions about the MS series and CX-12 harps , made by Hohner.

I also collect harmonica media, such as product catalogs. I don't have every catalog, so the following information's value is limited.

I don't have the catalog or pamphlet announcing the starting year of the MS Series, but in my 1996 pamphlet (Hohner tri-fold), there were no MS series harps listed.
In the same pamphlet, the CX-12 (introduced 1992) was listed, in 5 cover colors (my terminology): black, gold-plated over plastic, maroon sparkle, white sparkle, smoky silver.

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