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Here's the tune I played with Chi-Lites. Can't believe I found it !


On Jul 10, 2012, at 10:56 AM, Rob Paparozzi wrote:

Hi Elizabeth,

I don't mind the harp syncing at least people can see it's a Harmonica,-)

However, I never could figure out how lame some producers could is the Paul Young Cover with melodica, which lacks the sustain, breath and beautiful vibrato of a real harmonica!

They spend all that money on Strings and Background, sort of rip off the original arrangement and then use a melodica! If this was done in England, there were plenty of good session players around in cliding Larry Adler.....go figure! If I were an 80's producer, I'd have chose the DX-7 Keyboard Harmonica Patch on this ala Tina Turner's (What's Love got to do w/ it") but NOT a Melodica,-)

Rob Paparozzi

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I'd say THIS clip is pretty definitive. SO glad I found it through the
previous link....

( feature=player_embedded&v=ctljIaPLSc0) #!

According to some of the comments it's from the Flip Wilson show from 1972.

Finally proves once and for all what I've always contended: that it was a
harmonica on the original (what IS that he's holding in this clip, a
Goliath?) and a melodica only afterwards. The harmonica on the original is
unmistakable to my ears.


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