Subject: Re: [Harp-L] Chi-Lites Question

I'd say THIS clip is pretty definitive. SO glad I found it through the  
previous link....
( #!
According to some of the comments it's from the Flip Wilson show from  1972.
Finally proves once and for all what I've always contended: that it was a  
harmonica on the original (what IS that he's holding in this clip, a 
Goliath?)  and a melodica only afterwards. The harmonica on the original is  
unmistakable to my ears.
PS: anyone else see what I see in the 'harp-synching'?
PPS: A man named Darren Cubie is commenting on every single ChiLites  
YouTube song about Marshall Johnson being a 'crook' who ripped off Creadel Jones  
and his son (himself) and the other children of the ChiLites for 'tens of  
Millions'. It's quite intriguing and ties in with the whole 
royalty/copyright  issue. Since Johnson is supposed to now be a partner of Michael Jackson's 
 father, I'd be interested in the real story.

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