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Elizabeth,  I don't claim to be an expert on this song and how it was recorded,  but I do see that the harmonica used in the video is either customized with the holes being somewhat mal-placed or the showman is faking playing it (my choice).  If you notice, he is all over that thing but the sounds he makes are not what mine makes in the same positions.  Notice that he is often playing on the upper holes while the notes sound like my middle holes.  Either way, the performance is memorial and the song sticks to my pea-brain like chocolate on ice cream.  Sweet
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I'd say THIS clip is pretty definitive. SO glad I found it through the  
previous link....

( #!

According to some of the comments it's from the Flip Wilson show from  1972.

Finally proves once and for all what I've always contended: that it was a  
harmonica on the original (what IS that he's holding in this clip, a 
Goliath?)  and a melodica only afterwards. The harmonica on the original is  
unmistakable to my ears.

PS: anyone else see what I see in the 'harp-synching'?

PPS: A man named Darren Cubie is commenting on every single ChiLites  
YouTube song about Marshall Johnson being a 'crook' who ripped off Creadel Jones  
and his son (himself) and the other children of the ChiLites for 'tens of  
Millions'. It's quite intriguing and ties in with the whole 
royalty/copyright  issue. Since Johnson is supposed to now be a partner of Michael Jackson's 
father, I'd be interested in the real story.

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