[Harp-L] Richard Hunter solo performance with looper

Hi all,

I've posted a video of a solo performance of Morphine's "Early to Bed" I did at a gig in Victor, Idaho last week to my website at hunterharp.com:


The video quality is frankly pretty bad--you can just about tell that there is a man standing at a microphone with a harp in his hand--and the drummer for the next band to perform that night was dragging his gear up past me (in the picture frame) as I played.  But the audio (recorded live via the camera's built-in mic) is plenty clear enough to show you what a huge sound can be made by looping layers of harp augmented with a Digitech RP355. 

I intend to perform and discuss the arrangement for this piece in my seminar at SPAH this year, so get a sneak peak now if you're planning to come.  FYI, all parts of this song were performed live except for the drum loop that kicks it off, which is pre-recorded on my looper.  Don't miss the solo, where I use Digitech's "whammy" pitch shifter effect to run the harmonica lines up, down, and sideways in real time.

Regards, Richard Hunter

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