Re: [Harp-L] Special 20 vs. Seydel Session Steel?

I've tried many harps over the years, and have come to the conclusion that I
am a confirmed recessed plate guy.  No matter how great the harp, if the
reed plates are exposed, they eventually annoy me. (One exception may be the
one valved Promaster I have that is essentially flush.)

In the end, the Special 20 is just about the perfect harp for me.
Particularly after the big quality upgrade of around 2004(?).  I like my
Oscar's ok and my Harp Masters (aka Delta Frosts) are a close second to the
Sp20.  But nothing feels or plays quite like a 20.

I did get a Session Steel this year, and found it to be a very nice harp.  I
supposed if I had to recommend another recessed plate harp to replace a
Sp20, I would suggest the Session Steel or the Harp Master.  But the Session
Steel is a little pricier and "stiffer" with smaller holes, and the Harp
Master is a little more "bendier" and "less gutsy" than the Sp 20. So in the
end I always come back to the Sp 20.  Many thanks to Hohner for making such
a solid, comfortable harp.


I wish I could learn to love exposed plates, since the MB tone and the
quality of harps like the Crossover, T-bird, and Manji, are said to be the
best.  But I gotta have those plates recessed, so thank God for the Sp 20.
I suppose I should take Matthew Smart's advice and try flat sanding a few of
those combs, but seriously it usually only takes a good gapping review to
make my Sp 20's play just fine.

Fred S



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