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I do too and they're much fun. Requires a whole different mindset than blues, rock, Christmas songs or what have you.

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Yes, the XB-40 is being discontinued. You will still be able to get parts, though. Meanwhile, if you feel you need instruments, buy them now.

The CX-12 is known for sticking valves. One solution is to wax and polish the reedplate around the slot edges so that the valve won't stick.

Several of us on this list play fiddle tunes. To name just a few (and I'm sure more will chime in): James Conway, myself, Rick Epping, Brendan Power, Glenn Weiser, Trip Henderson on the Celtic end of the spectrum, and on the bluegrass end Cara Cooke, David Payne, and others.


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I mainly play XB40s or CX 12s when not using tremolo harps. I heard that
XB40s are being discontinued. Is this true? And CX12s>>>they sound great
but the valves stick so often that I hesitate to use them in a concert.
Notes invariably seems to stick then pop out of time. UUGH> Any advice on
these issues? If any of you are interested in "Celtic Harmonica",
i.e.playing tunes based on the broader Trans Atlantic tradition of dance
music and fiddle tunes, I'd love to hear from you. Track #3 in the audio
section of this press kit is an Irish Reel. I'm interested in talking
technique with any who play this kind of music and find very few players
who do.

John Coster

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