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Yes there are some plans, but they are way further down the line. We are experimenting with diatonic designs right now.Â


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Hello Zombor

Do you have plans for a X-Reed chromatic harmonica? I am very interested.


On Sun, Dec 16, 2012 at 7:07 AM, Zombor Kovacs <zrkovacs@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Dear Harp players,
> We have recently received e-mail with worries which relate to the
> unfortunate story of Harrison Harmonicas, in which the writers ask if the
> same thing would happen to us and to our customers. I feel it is necessary
> to share some information with you.
> I don`t know everything about what happened to Brad Harrison's company
> exactly, but knowing some details there are some principal differences
> between our venture and his.
> We are not a harmonica factory built from scratch making every single part
> of the harmonica as was Harrison Harmonicas. We are not even a harmonica
> factory. We are a 2 person harmonica workshop using CNC technology and
> parts available for any of us on the market.
> We have not applied for any loans from any banks. We do not owe anybody,
> we have no debt.
> We do own 100% of our equipment of which my 4 Axis CNC milling machine
> represents the highest value.
> At the moment we are not making reeds and coverplates, which would require
> expensive machinery and we are not intending to do so in the near future.
> We are not financing any debt from your incoming orders.
> As stated on our website, currently we are concentrating on Custom SUB30
> harmonicas. We have plans to do some more interesting stuff (under R&D),
> and when it comes to the point, we will do our best to estimate market
> demand and only take as many orders as we can deal with.
> Hopefully my engineering background and 6 years I spent in the world's
> leading automotive factories will help me judging what we are capable of,
> and what we are not.
> I hope I managed to clarify our position and ease the anxiety of those,
> who have suffered a loss from Harrison Harmonicas. We are not Harrison
> Harmonicas and although we understand the frustration of people having
> payed for nothing (among them some of my friends) it is not our fault.
> best regards
> Zombor Kovacs
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> Subject: SUB30 Notes; Website Notice
> Hi Zombor,
> Iâve been up since 3am writing the in-box notes for the SUB30 (attached).
> I also updated the website to include a notice on comb
> availability/shipping time:
> Off to bed again now! See you later,
> Brendan

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