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Her name is Lydia VanderVate.  She and her siblings are available for hire at .  I do not know where they call home but would love to see them perform.

Lockjaw Larry
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On the video you propose Elisabeth, one can observe her perfect use of her
diaphragm, for each single note.
It is a very good demonstration of a mastered playing, opening the "air
column" from top to bottom.
Very interesting !

Do you know her last name ?



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I like her playing here better:

And this is a clip of the whole family playing together as a group so you'd
likely have to invite all of them to play at SPAH (how do you tell a small
child the rest of her siblings don't 'qualify'?).


Lydia also plays piano (there are other clips of her doing so).  The video
you showed was from 2010--she's at least a year+ older,  now.

Obviously all four girls play instruments so their parents are likely
already steering their girls towards music lessons: Lydia is holding the
harmonica better in the Danny Boy video which implies some kind of  proper

I'd suggest that she isn't 'quite' ready for a SPAH at this stage
(especially the 50th Anniversary) since most of the videos I've just watched
of  her playing solo are snippets of songs and small children tend to get
lost  in the shuffle at a SPAH unless it's the specific single matinee
morning. I think she too might benefit far more a couple of years down the
road,  don't you think?

Observation over the years tells me that kids in the 12+ age  group seem to
stick with harmonica the longest and get the most out  of a SPAH (or other
harmonica Convention) adventure since smaller kids can  quickly become bored
with what seems to them the interminable and overall  'adult' theme. Of
course there are exceptions to every rule, but that's just my  humble

That said, I think she's adorable and hope she does stick with it to become
a phenomenal 21st Century woman harp player and all/round musician.


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