Re: [Harp-L] Chromatic playing and Hohner reed plates

The Crossover is my favorite out-of-the-box harmonica bar none.  I have a 
couple of MB 1896 in my gig case that I modded, but generally I use 

On Tuesday, December 11, 2012 2:45:12 PM UTC-6, Lare Sattler wrote:
> I have a couple of things, the first of which is: does anyone play 
> chromatic harp with the tongue blocking method? I play blues harp 
> exclusively with tongue block and when I try to play chromatic it seems 
> like it would work better to pucker than tongue block, but that's like 
> re-learning the harp. I'd appreciate some suggestions. Secondly, I have 
> played diatonic harp for quite a while and have tried just about every 
> brand and several different models of the most widely known brands. So far 
> my favorite is the Suzuki Manji, though recently I tried Hohner Big Rivers, 
> and though they aren't a bad harp, I just don't care for those molded, 
> flimsy combs that many brands use, and have to change out the comb. I have 
> tried various wood, Dymondwood, Corian, bamboo and acrylic combs. All in 
> all, I prefer the Corian combs, but one thing I like about the Manji and 
> Olive, though I have tried several different natural woods and bamboo, I 
> prefer them as they come with 
>  their composite comb. Good job Suzuki! 
> Now getting to my question, I have not tried a Hohner Crossover yet. I 
> have long wanted to, I just was afraid it was too much like an 1896 MB and 
> not enough different to warrant the price. From what I read, the reed 
> plates sound like they're same with the difference being mounting 
> technique. If that and the sealed Bamboo comb are the only difference, I 
> may as well stick to the Manji. A friend recently got a Crossover given to 
> him, so I did get to see and hold one and they do feel good and he says it 
> plays like a breeze. Most of his harps are Suzuki Bluesmasters and he said 
> he liked it much better. If anyone has experience with this to share, I'd 
> love to hear from you. Thanx in advance. 
> Lare Sattler    The Little Chicago Band    Canton Ohio 

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