Re: [Harp-L] Amp Speaker Re-coning Recommendations

The speaker may be a permanent magnet (like modern speakers) or field 
coil.  If there is three wires going to the tranformer than 2 wires to the 
speaker it is permanent magnet.  If there are more wires, it is field 
As previously noted, with a permanent magnet speaker, the tranny can be 
removed from the old speaker and attached to a new one.  Look for a speaker 
with suitable mounting holes for the transfomer, or make them, or lengthen 
the tranny secondary leads to reach the speaker and attach the tranny to 
the cab.  If you recone the original speaker it is probably best to remove 
the tranny before shipping.  
If a field coil speaker, you have options of 1) reconing speaker, 2) 
getting a replacement field coil speaker (scarce), or 3) replacing with a 
permanent magnet speaker.  Option 3 requires the addition of a choke or 
power supply dropping resistor to the amp circuit, and amp tech job.  
Jim R

On Wednesday, April 25, 2012 9:31:54 AM UTC-5, Timothy Kane wrote:

>  "I have an English Tonemaster (Valco) amplifier that I purchased from 
> David Bromberg. It has a 10" speaker with a transformer attached to the 
> speaker cage. The speaker cone paper has what looks like a 3 inch tear in 
> it ( I think maybe I damaged it in transit to a gig)." 
> From what I've read, the English Tonemaster was pretty much identical to 
> the Supro 1610 Comet. The speaker used was a Utah. But I've never seen a 
> tranny attached to a speaker like that, and I wouldn't try putting a 
> speaker in the amp without it. Reconing it will prove expensive no matter 
> where you take it...have you considered getting a new speaker similar to 
> the Utah and transplanting the transformer onto it?
>                           Hawkeye Kane
> hawkeyekane@xxxxxxxxx
> Cell: (217)-741-7183

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