Re: [Harp-L] Re:Was Wedding gigs now DJs

Had the same thing happen here.I've been(as a guest) to few 50th birthday parties lately and they have all had DJs.You might as well clone one and send him to every Gig.Basically the same song list , the same patter and a completely formulaic operation.
Most of the music seems to be from the sixties and seventies and played loud with nary a breather in between.I used to think that it was just for the age group but we went to a 21st a while back and the music was nearly the same.Most of the people there weren't even born when it came out.
I asked the birthday boy why he didn't have music from his own era playing and his reply was along the lines of "this stuff is better to dance ,sing along to"
Says a lot about modern music i guess.;-)
More to the point i've also asked people as to why they haven't hired bands,some of the answers were
They are too unreliable
Take too long a breaks
Play odd music(!)
Get drunk/stoned.
the best one was"they try to hit up on the bride/bridesmaids and/or the birthday guys girlfriend.

Michael Easton <diachrome@xxxxxxxxxxx> "We got asked to play a reception next month. They only wanted to pay $200 for a 5 piece band. Nobody has a problem when a dj wants $600 or more to spin cd's or push a button on their Ipod. They consider that entertainment. geez!"

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