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I use to photograph weddings for 10 years.

More often then not the blue collar social hall receptions fed me and the dj or band.
The white collar Hotel receptions were different. I wasn't offered a damn thing to eat most of the time and had to sit around watching everyone else. The day would drag on and
most of the time they didn't book enough hours with the studio I worked for. I got paid the same whether I worked a 3 hour or 6 hour wedding.
Once the father got up from the table to come over to talk to me. I thought he was going to ask me to eat. Instead he told me all the special request photos he'd
like to have taken then went back to his meal. I had to stretch out a 3 hour assignment into 5 because they weren't organized. (*)#&)&#@*.

We got asked to play a reception next month. They only wanted to pay $200 for a 5 piece band. Nobody has a problem when a dj wants $600 or more to spin cd's or push a button on
their Ipod. They consider that entertainment. geez!

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My favorite wedding gig story:
Last year a friends band, played a wedding, at the break they went to get food w/ the guests.
The father of the bride comes up to the band to tell them they have boxed lunches for them in back.
So the sax player says "you think we do this for the MONEY, we're out of here"
The bride's father had to do some fast talking to keep the band at the party

Thanks Jerry,

Take Care Mike www.harmonicarepair.net

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