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> Mike Turk was there the same time as Hendrik Meurkens and Jimmy Gordon.
> The thing is harmonica wasn't the instrument they majored in.  It was on
> other instruments and they just transferred that knowledge to the chromatic
> harmonica.
> Turk studied Sax, Hendrik vibraphone and I think Jimmy studied guitar.
> I don't know if chromatic harp is given major status now but it wasn't
> when they attended.
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>> Yes Chromatic. Berkley would let you do to I think since Mike Turk blazed
>> the trail there also. There usually has to be a Jazz program.
>> Toots is so recognized in the jazz world so it opens the door.
>> The people that usually object come from the classical side.
>> I proved them wrong by including a 4 movement baroque sonata of which two
>> movements are online. The guitarist is world class and is now the head of
>> the guitar department at Ithaca College. Dr Pablo Cohen.
> Take Care
> Mike

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