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Mike Turk was there the same time as Hendrik Meurkens and Jimmy Gordon.

The thing is harmonica wasn't the instrument they majored in. It was on other instruments and they just transferred that knowledge to the chromatic harmonica.
Turk studied Sax, Hendrik vibraphone and I think Jimmy studied guitar.

I don't know if chromatic harp is given major status now but it wasn't when they attended.

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Yes Chromatic. Berkley would let you do to I think since Mike Turk blazed the trail there also. There usually has to be a Jazz program.
Toots is so recognized in the jazz world so it opens the door.
The people that usually object come from the classical side.
I proved them wrong by including a 4 movement baroque sonata of which two movements are online. The guitarist is world class and is now the head of the guitar department at Ithaca College. Dr Pablo Cohen.

Take Care Mike www.harmonicarepair.net

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