[Harp-L] Re: NEW: Suzuki Reed Replacement Kit HRT-10

To answer a few queries: 


Yes it can be used on the ProMaster and all other Suzuki harmonicas
(diatonic, tremolo, chromatic) with welded reeds.


I can?t see it being useful on other brand harps with riveted reeds; there
are other kits for that.


Price is being decided on a regional basis. You should contact your national
distributor for exact pricings, but the HRT-10 will be around the £262 mark
in the UK and between $400-$500 in USA. When you think of the cost of
harmonicas these days, it will pay for itself over time in reed replacement,
and also allows alternate tunings to be made more easily. Plus it?s a very
clever piece of kit that is a lot of fun to use!


Brendan Power

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