Re: [Harp-L] disinfecting harps

Dave, as I understand, the toothbrush disinfectant works on the principal of the ultraviolet light frequencies emitted kills the bugs.  If that is true then I would think the bugs would survive in the nooks and crannies where the light was shadowed out.  A little Clorox soak occasionally seems to help my brush, if not my harps.

Lockjaw Larry

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As I understand it, the way you overcome the flu is by developing an immunity to it (so you can't actually reinfect yourself with the same bug), but not all upper-respiratory infections are flus, so keeping your harps sanitary can't hurt.

I wonder if this device, designed to sanitize Oral-B toothbrush heads, could be modified as a harp-disinfecting machine?

I have one (got it free a couple of years ago: I don't believe that a toothbrush used by one person needs to be sanitized daily),and it would take a bit of modification to make room for a harp. I tried to jam a Lee Oskar in it, but the door wouldn't close because of a plastic insert in the door.


On Apr 9, 2012, at 4:15 PM, David Fertig wrote:

> Rube, while I am sympathetic to Dave Payne's use of 'shine, or alcohol, my approach after a bout of flu or such is, I put my harps (mostly sp20's, so plastic combed) for a few minutes each in a hydrogen-peroxide/water solution, about 50/50.  Since I'd also be going through them for tuning, gapping, and general cleaning, I take each of them fully apart for immersion, then wipe 'em dry, thus there's little or no residual moisture upon re-assembly.  
> But some moonshine would be nice for other purposes!
> -Dave Fertig
> [Harp-L] disinfecting harps
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> After
> recovering from being ill(cold flu), I was wondering if anyone knows 
> how to disinfect the harp so you won't reinfect yourself.  Anyone have 
> any ideas.
> Rube

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