R: Re: [Harp-L] Jim Antaki's TurboSlide Harmonica

Hi Harmonicas Friends!!

..I hope  thats, with the kind support of the Great  Brendan Power, the 

Genial  works of the Professor  James "Turbodog" Antaki became  a standard 

thinks for the harp player..

..I'm start to experiments with the Turboslide Harp more than one yeras ago ..

and now I play exclusively with thats harps with great joy ..


Now I try to study differents lay outs of tunings with  the  Turboslide magnet 

options ...  and the  best result is with a powerbender lay out..so Thanx You 

again Mr Brendan Power and Mr Antaki!!! 

Cheers from Italy!!

federico pellegrini




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