RE: Re: [Harp-L] Jim Antaki's TurboSlide Harmonica

Thanks Fred, cool sounds! It works well with the PowerBender, because it has all blows lower than the draws so the TurboSlide works on all 10 holes.


Do you have any more videos with the two together?


Brendan Power





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Hi Harmonicas Friends!!
..I hope  thats, with the kind support of the Great  Brendan Power, the 
Genial  works of the Professor  James "Turbodog" Antaki became  a standard 
thinks for the harp player..
..I'm start to experiments with the Turboslide Harp more than one yeras ago ..
and now I play exclusively with thats harps with great joy ..
Now I try to study differents lay outs of tunings with  the  Turboslide magnet 
options ...  and the  best result is with a powerbender lay Thanx You 
again Mr Brendan Power and Mr Antaki!!! 
Cheers from Italy!!
federico pellegrini <>


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