[Harp-L] Re: Hohner chromatic reeds (was Out of the box)

 > I passed this on to Michael Timler at Hohner, here his comments:
> Reed failure is not dependent on time since purchase, but on how long and how hard the reed has been played. Our R&D department continually tests current production instruments under controlled conditions. >Every Hohner reed profile is tested by being blown mechanically to ascertain how long it withstands continuous use and new profiles are not permitted to underrun old profile standards. Sorry, but our laboratory >tests do not support your observations.
Something is nagging me deep down inside telling me that real-life playing, what with all those temperature and moisture changes, stop-start movement of air over the reeds and constantly-changing, often sharply-varying, air pressure exerted, is not the same thing as being blown mechanically and continuously... Just sayin'! 
[Sorry, Steve - I sent that to you instead of the list in error!]

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