[Harp-L] Re: Hohner chromatic reeds (was Out of the box)

Michael Easton wrote:
My own findings on the current Hohner chromatic reeds is that they are not better then the pre "X" series plates.

A record number of repairs on both 270 and Tenors have been coming across my bench. The thing is all the problems are occurring with the reeds having the new profile. I've yet to have to replace a reed on holes 1 thru 5 on any standard C "X" series  270.  The same with the Toots models and 16 hole models. It only the narrower reeds that are failing. 

I have one customer that is a gentle tenor player but I'm constantly replacing  reeds on holes 10 to 12 on her harps.
Lately I've been seeing it on tenor CX-12s.

Customers tell me they've only owned their harps about 6 to 9 months before the reeds start to fail.

I would love to regain my respect for Hohner products but my whole business has been built around the reed so it's there that things need to be improve IMHO.

Steve responds:
I passed this on to Michael Timler at Hohner, here his comments:

Reed failure is not dependent on time since purchase, but on how long and how hard the reed has been played. Our R&D department continually tests current production instruments under controlled conditions. Every Hohner reed profile is tested by being blown mechanically to ascertain how long it withstands continuous use and new profiles are not permitted to underrun old profile standards. Sorry, but our laboratory tests do not support your observations.

We also monitor our competitors' reeds using the same objective standards. As Hohner policy is to avoid comparative advertising, we don't publish the results, but they certainly give us no reason to believe that Hohner reeds and reed profiles have any significant disadvantages in terms of reed life in comparison with those of other manufacturers.

Steve Baker

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