[Harp-L] Jim Antaki's TurboSlide Harmonica

I've always admired the adventurous thinking of Jim 'Turbodog' Antaki when
it comes to enhancing the performance of the diatonic harmonica. He's
continually coming up with new ideas, and he follows through with patents,
tooling/manufacturing, and usable products at a good price. 


One of his most interesting inventions is the TurboSlide harmonica, a
diatonic that uses magnets to lower the pitch of the blow notes in hole 1-6
of a Richter harp. This has some fascinating applications beyond the
obvious, and I've made a video to show some of them off:




The new expressive possibilities are very interesting! 


I have no commercial affiliation with Jim, just like to see a good man get
the respect and credit he deserves. Go to his website www.turboharp.com to
check out the range of his products. The development notes for the
nearly-available ELX MIDI Harp are well worth checking out.




Brendan Power

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