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Bob is right.  The Lee Oskars do last a long time.  I had a set of Richter
tuned LO's from 1992 until just recently when I gave the set to my daughter
to play.  In 20 years, I blew only 1 reed on 14 Lee Oskars.

Bob mentioned the SUZUKI Manji.  It is a very very good harp right out of
the box.  However, it has the edge of the metal reed plate that touches the
lips.  I personally prefer the plastic comb which covers the edge of the
reed plate such as the SUZUKI Bluesmaster/Harpmaster, SEYDEL Blues Session
and Blues Session Steel, and Lee Oskar.

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On Thu, Apr 5, 2012 at 9:19 PM, Bob Cohen <bob@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On Apr 5, 2012, at 7:22 PM, Tony Stephens wrote:
> > I want some input on Lee Oskar harps, likes or dislikes. I have keys A &
> G. They are hard to draw on holes 2 &3. That is most likely me, as a
> beginner. I have been told these harps are tuned for country not blues, is
> that true.
> I used Lee Oskars for years before switching to custom Marine Bands. They
> lasted a very long time before going out of tune. I don't do any
> overblowing. From what I understand, LOs are not suitable for that
> technique. If you're looking for good quality harps right out of the box,
> I'd recommend them in a heartbeat. I also like Suzuki Manjis, which is
> another Japanese harp. They're pricier. As far as tuning goes, the LOs come
> in several different tunings. Diatonic, Melody Maker, Natural Minor, and Harmonic Minor. Do you
> have the boxes? That'll tell you.
> Bob
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