Re: [Harp-L] has anyone else done this before?

If we're just talking about harp and guitar playing in unison or harmony,
I've heard people doing that all my life. Off the top of my head, I'd point
to Butterfield and Bloomfield on "Work Song".

If we're talking about do that on improvised lines, that limits it to rack
players and one handed piano players. I'm pretty sure John Hammond does it
a bit. Howard Levy might, although I can't think of any examples.

On Thu, Apr 5, 2012 at 12:27 PM, walter gloshinski <waltertore@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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> Thanks for all the replies. Anyone have video or sound links to this
> happening?  I would love to hear others doing this.  I got the one from
> Finland (cool set up they have) and someone pointed me to  William clark
> doing it on blowin the family jewels.  That clip I heard on amazon.comwas very structured.  My drummer in austin, Ken Cook, left me to play for
> some years with James Harman.   Maybe Ken told him of what I do?   My stuff
> is more hell bent out of shape than what people have noted as the same
> approach.    When I played with Louisiana Red and Lightning Hopkins I often
> did this to their lead guitar lines. It was not the conventional thing to
> put their music but they never complained.  Maybe I didn't invent it but I
> think I own the Spontobeat creation.  I don't know of anyone else who
> spontaneously creates all their words and music as they go along (I am
> going on 50 years with it) every time they perform/record and records 300+
> cds a
>  year.  The problem with no one else doing it is there is no established
> box for it in the music buisness.   I have been wined and dined by
> Nashville folks who tried to get me with ghost writers to tame my songs
> into "hits" and I was to perfom them on the lines of how Delbert McClinton
> performs with vocals/harp.   I said no to that stuff and many other offers
> that would have had me abandon Spontobeat.   The good news is I have no
> competition and all it takes is the right person to promote this concept
> and I am rolling :-)   I am not really blues, not really a  harp player,
> not really a guitarist, not really a songwriter, not really a drummer, not
> really keyboard player.  I am a singer of stories from times gone by, times
> to come, times wished for, times forgotten, that channel through me each
> time I pick up an instrument.   Walter

Arthur Jennings

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