[Harp-L] has anyone else done this before?

Thanks for all the replies. Anyone have video or sound links to this happening?  I would love to hear others doing this.  I got the one from Finland (cool set up they have) and someone pointed me to  William clark doing it on blowin the family jewels.  That clip I heard on amazon.com was very structured.  My drummer in austin, Ken Cook, left me to play for some years with James Harman.   Maybe Ken told him of what I do?   My stuff is more hell bent out of shape than what people have noted as the same approach.    When I played with Louisiana Red and Lightning Hopkins I often did this to their lead guitar lines. It was not the conventional thing to put their music but they never complained.  Maybe I didn't invent it but I think I own the Spontobeat creation.  I don't know of anyone else who spontaneously creates all their words and music as they go along (I am going on 50 years with it) every time they perform/record and records 300+ cds a
 year.  The problem with no one else doing it is there is no established box for it in the music buisness.   I have been wined and dined by Nashville folks who tried to get me with ghost writers to tame my songs into "hits" and I was to perfom them on the lines of how Delbert McClinton performs with vocals/harp.   I said no to that stuff and many other offers that would have had me abandon Spontobeat.   The good news is I have no competition and all it takes is the right person to promote this concept and I am rolling :-)   I am not really blues, not really a  harp player, not really a guitarist, not really a songwriter, not really a drummer, not really keyboard player.  I am a singer of stories from times gone by, times to come, times wished for, times forgotten, that channel through me each time I pick up an instrument.   Walter

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