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On Apr 3, 2012, at 7:54 PM, martin oldsberg wrote:

> Holy cow, Giuseppe, you´re related to that Leone!

Yeah, but don't get too excited. It's not like we were close. I still have a photo of Sergio (abt 23), my sister Suzanne (abt 14) and I (abt 10) standing on the warf at Trieste in 1952 at the start of the cold war. The next time I saw him was Genoa 1954 and then Naples 1956. He was in my father's generation and 18 years younger than my father and 13 years older than I. Son of one of my grandfathers younger (blood) cousins. His father was also in the entertainment trade and that's where Sergio got the bug. 

Other members of the family make after dinner mints (pastiglie Leone), and commercial espresso machines. We Americans are the poor side...lolol 

>   I know you have no responsibility and such for relations, but still -- a guy who made one of the best flicks of all time! Pity he couldn´t follow it up (no, that bloated thing w/ R de Niro doesn´t count), but he and Morricone dealt a really, really strong hand between, what was it, 1964 to -69. "C´e era una volta ..." topped it up in a formidable way. 
>   It´s been a while since I read Chr. Fraylings book on him but I think you´re wrong on the location, and I get support from

I believe you are correct. I think 'Fist full of Dollars' and 'For a few Dollars More' were the ones done in Sicily and Cinecita (cinema city..Rome). I think 'The Good, the Bad & the Ugly'  ( il Buon, il Cativo, e il Bruto) was done in Sicily and Spain. 

> Mostly Spain, some Monument Valley, some Cinecittà. Nessun importanza, that´s one of the movies I can play in my head, all 165 minutes of it (in the restored version).
> Martin
> in Sweden, lifting his hat, blowing Harmonica´s little riff.
> >The movie was produced and directed by my father's cousin Sergio. It's a great western movie...but filmed in >Sicily. 
> >smo-joe

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