Re: [Harp-L] Once upon a time in the West

Holy cow, Giuseppe, you´re related to that Leone! 
  I know you have no responsibility and such for relations, but still -- a guy who made one of the best flicks of all time! Pity he couldn´t follow it up (no, that bloated thing w/ R de Niro doesn´t count), but he and Morricone dealt a really, really strong hand between, what was it, 1964 to -69. "C´e era una volta ..." topped it up in a formidable way. 
  It´s been a while since I read Chr. Fraylings book on him but I think you´re wrong on the location, and I get support from
Mostly Spain, some Monument Valley, some Cinecittà. Nessun importanza, that´s one of the movies I can play in my head, all 165 minutes of it (in the restored version).
in Sweden, lifting his hat, blowing Harmonica´s little riff.
>The movie was produced and directed by my father's cousin Sergio. It's a great western movie...but filmed in >Sicily. 

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