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We have this problem at our jam, one of the penalties for success! As Larry
said, how it's handled is usually a reflection of the jam host, since
they're doing all the work we usually give them some latitude. But our
standard deal is to try to fill out the sets as much as possible without
putting so many players up there that each song gets dragged out with all
the solo space necessary. Maybe solos get cut from 24 bars to 12 in that
case, or else if it's anyone's second or more time up there, we as them to
just take fills and avoid the solos to make space for others. But we try
not to add horns into a set that already has harp (or vice versa) unless
both parties are really after that and know how to compliment each other,
and we don't normally have more than two guitars in a set. As a last resort
we might cut the slots to 3 songs instead of 4. We try our best to get
everyone up there, but in the end sometimes it's folks that meander in late
and expect to be catered to and we just ask them to try to show up earlier.
Sometimes they have good excuses like having to work a late shift though,
but often it's because they just came from another jam, can't feel bad in
that case!

Bill Hines

On Sun, Apr 1, 2012 at 8:08 PM, Elizabeth Hess <TrackHarpL@xxxxxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> I'm curious about "the list getting full."
> I was recently (playing harp) at an open jam where there were many more
> jammers than expected, and they handled it by putting larger and larger
> groups of people on stage per set as the hour got late.
> Do you limit the number of people who may sign up and then close the list?
>  Not that I'm in danger of running a jam anytime soon, but I'm always
> interested in how other people do it.
> Elizabeth

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