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You have just re-invented the Seydel-Schaman (aka Harmonica MD chord harmonica)! marketed by Seydel. It is brainchild of John P. Schaman, MD. 

The Seydel debuted at 2011 SPAH and Paul Davies bought the first one. I also bought one (don't know what number customer I was). 

The Seydel-Schaman 10-hole harmonica was designed to encourage pulmonary patients to use the harmonica by offering four major chords with a 7th in the 5th hole so they could play interesting chordal patterns. See Paul Davies' video for a demonstration.

The Seydel-Schaman is set up with half F harp/ C harp  and half G harp/ D harp. 

The main difference is that a 7th is added to each octave major chord: FACF + Eb / CEGC = Bb and GBDG + F/ D F# AD + C. 

Blow Left five holes: F major + F7  
Draw left five hole C major + 7th

Blow right five holes G major + 7th
Draw right five holes D major + 7th.

The advantage of the Seydel-Schaman is that is offers four major chords and four 7th chords. There is also a 3/8-inch blank between the left five holes and right five holes making it easy to play one side or the other.

I don't know if anybody else has come up with this chord tuning scheme over the years.  This tuning is similar to the bebop tuning used on chromatics whereby one of the double Cs is replaced with a Bb.

Phil Lloyd

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Good day to you all,

My name is Arnold Cazemier, I'm from
Arnhem, The Netherlands.The reason I
subscribed is that I want to let you
know about my innovation of the harp
we all love so much.

In this video I describe a few of the
possibilities of the harmonica. It's a
combination of the lower halves of two
harps that differ one whole tone.

Simply put, I sawed them right through
the middle, and glued the lower parts
back together. In case of a C and B-flat
bluesharp that gives you the chords
B-flat, F(7), C and G(7) with which you
can play and accompany very many tunes!

Its name: The Forkord Turnaround.

I would be pleased if you took a look,
and let me know what you think about it.

Kind regards,



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