[Harp-L] The Forkord Turnaround

Good day to you all,

My name is Arnold Cazemier, I'm from
Arnhem, The Netherlands.The reason I
subscribed is that I want to let you
know about my innovation of the harp
we all love so much.


In this video I describe a few of the
possibilities of the harmonica. It's a
combination of the lower halves of two
harps that differ one whole tone.

Simply put, I sawed them right through
the middle, and glued the lower parts
back together. In case of a C and B-flat
bluesharp that gives you the chords
B-flat, F(7), C and G(7) with which you
can play and accompany very many tunes!

Its name: The Forkord Turnaround.

I would be pleased if you took a look,
and let me know what you think about it.

Kind regards,


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