[Harp-L] RE: Spiral / Circular Tuning For Chromatic Harp

The "slide-in" notes are simply raised by a half step. That gives C and 
C#/Db keys with all of the advantages listed. I didn't consider any other
note layouts. I figured that if I got 6 chromatics in Circular Tuning, I
could cover all 12 keys AND have the chromatic capabilities for "free."
But, shekels being in limited supply, I haven't bought any after the first 
one; other things have a higher priority.

The lowest note (hole 1 blow slide out) is G3. The "key of the harp"
is C Major. [John Broecker's note layout began with C4 as the lowest
note (hole 1 blow slide out).] My rationale for this was that it mirrored
the G Circular tuned diatonic with the slide out. I like having the 5th
scale degree below the lowest tonic note in order to make runs back 
up to the tonic. Since I play diatonics predominantly, it made switching
back and forth between harp types easier (for ME), using a layout I
was already familiar with. It limits the full octaves to two, but I rarely
go up above that anyway with diatonics. I don't care much for the
real high "Jimmy Reed" notes. No hit on Jimmy; he was great at making
those high notes sing.

There are any number of possible variations. I suggest looking at the
following document: Anthology of Harmonica Tunings written by
Eugene Ivanov ("Jim"). It is found on the HarperClub Web site at:


You can view the PDF online or download it for free. Jim explores 
several variations of Spiral Tuning, some of which are rather exotic.

In essence, you can "spiral" any scale around the harmonica as it ascends 
in pitch. This allows for just about any tuning you can think of.
You also can substitute various notes for the "slide in" notes. In this regard,
I haven't done much exploration. I found what I was looking for, and ----
stopped looking.

"When you're looking for something, where do you find it?"

"In the last place you look."

(Think about "why" that is true.)

Crazy Bob


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