[Harp-L] Spiral / Circular Tuning For Chromatic Harp

Re: Seydel Chromatic Deluxes with Circular Tuning

What is the "slide-in tuning"? A half step up? If so, did you consider
any other note layouts? Or maybe you did it without a slide??

What is the lowest note? What major scale is the given scale
(slide-out)? [I would call this the key of the harp.] Has anyone made
a spiral tuned harp, chromatic or diatonic, where #2 draw is not the
first degree of the major scale? Your thoughts?

Anyone have any thoughts on other possibilities for the "slide-in note
layout"? Mr. Winslow, thank you for your previous thoughts.

Robert Coble wrote:

..."No missing notes in the diatonic scale for 2.5 octaves; 5th up to
tonic, then 2
full octaves plus a major third. Chromatic notes (blue notes)
available with half
tone draw bends. Can be set up to overblow for the remaining chromatic notes,
or can be half-valved (ala PT Gazell's method) for the remaining
chromatic notes.

Chords (yes, actual triads and more) on every scale degree.

I'll stop there. I first read about Spiral Tuning in Steve Baker's Harp handbook
(highly recommended, BTW). Then Seydel made it commercially available. Then
Seydel created the Harp Configurator, allowing John Broecker (first) and me
(second) to obtain Seydel Chromatic Deluxes with Circular Tuning: 3.5 octaves
with the same advantages listed above."

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