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> huh? were talkin stars here arent we? theres 40 ryan harts in new england

Ain't but one that I know of.
And if you're going to knock a cat, have the decency to spell his name right. 
Please allow me to defend my "star" status so generously thrust upon me by several esteemed members of this fine list at no solicitation by me.

I have been playing harmonica for 25 years, gigging steadily since age 16, playing clubs since 19.I studied at the feet of harmonica LA masters like Rod Piazza and the great Lynwood Slim for two years.I gigged steadily in LA as a frontman and sideman for two yearsI have kept my current band together nearly 12 yearsI have played clubs and festivals throughout the NortheastI have recorded 2 CDs that have received international airplay and acclaimI have built an overseas following in Scandinavia, Benelux, UK, Spain, Australia, Brazil and Argentina, among others.  My band is a three time winner of the CT Blues Society Blues Challenge/Three Time IBC participantOur third CD is in the can and will blow your mind. I'm not the greatest harp player, I'm not the greatest singer and I'm 
not the greatest songwriter, but I think I do all three better than a 
lot of other cats.I am a Hohner Endorsed Artist
Almost none of the above would have been possible without my outstanding band to whom I am eternally grateful and constantly in awe of. 
I have accomplished the above in the worst music market in the last 30 years in a veritable desert of Blues: Connecticut.
I did all of the above while raising a family and working full time, and earning a masters degree along the way.
Do I deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as New England boys like Sugar Ray, Magic Dick and Jerry Portnoy (a Chicago transplant, as we all know)? Certainly not. Forty of me in New England? Hell's bells, no. Am I a "star"? I'll let others decide that. 

You may not think I'm a "star" Dave but my mom thinks I'm AWESOME!

Yours with more humor than indignation,
Ryan Hartt

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